Thursday, October 30, 2008

Victoria's Secret

***EDIT**** this item will be frogged and started again, not in the round, the seed stitch seems to be twisting as i go up, and i'm finding it very annoying, so back and forth we go. I get those Victoria's Secret catalogs in the mail. I almost NEVER buy any thing, but they keep sending them out. That's OK, I love to look. The most recent one had a sweater in it i just fell in love with!!! It was only $40, sure i could buy it, but I'd rather have the challenge of making it! Looks simple enough. Some seed stitch and then ribbing. Add on turtleneck and then sleeves... whoa-la!! I have never made a design off of a picture. So this will be a fun experience. This is the photo of the sweater in the catalog.

Cute huh?! With me living in the desert (Arizona) nothing super warm is needed. So I really love the sleeves. I choose to use Joann Sensations Kashmir 100% wool for the project. It is yarn i found on clearance and had been in my stash for a while waiting to be used. (that will be a different entry). It is in pink. I did my swatch and checked gage. Decided to use size 7 needles and knit in the round. This is as far as i have gotten so far.

I am currently working on a project to submit to and deadline is approaching quickly, so that has top priority. Cant tell you about that one (its a secret) shhhh....

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