Thursday, September 3, 2009


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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mary Lou

This is a lap blanket designed for my Grandmother. My mom approached me and said that my grandmother would really like a lap blanket that I made for her. She is in a wheelchair most of the day and has a blanket over her lap often. Her birthday was approaching and my mother already had plans to fly out to visit. I was on a time schedule to design and finish the blanket for her 83rd birthday. So I wanted to make sure to use a larger gage and a simple pattern for a quick knit. I also chose to use acrylic because she lives at a nursing home. I wanted to make sure it was easy care to machine wash and dry. The bright colors I chose were for her cheery personality. I submitted to to Knitty for their summer 2009 issue, but it didnt make the cut. The pattern is for sale is for sale at my Ravelry Store for $4.00. Here is the link....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Old Navy Inspired Scarf

I met up with a friend yesterday for lunch. I had many errands to do before hand so I was at the restaurant a lot early (about an hour). So I packed my baby up in the stroller and went for a walk over to Hobby Lobby. Yarn browsing of course! On the way we passed Old Navy, so we went in and looked around, hoping to find some pants on clearance for my kiddos, no such luck with that. I did come across a scarf I liked $17.00. WHAT! I know I'm so cheap, but it was just a plain garter stitch scarf, knit loosely in 4 different colors. How difficult can that be? So I decided ill make one instead. As you all know I'm knitting gifts for Christmas, this will be perfect. At Hobby Lobby, I picked up some Lion Brand Jiffy, 5 coordinating skeins. That way I can make a variety of scarves and no to will be exactly the same. I spent $15 on the yarn and can make o maybe 5 scarves with that! And I completed it in one evening! HA, got ya Old Navy. So here it is................
the Old Navy Inspired Scarf!
What you need:
less than one skein (very little actually) of 4 different colors of bulky yarn
I used Lion Brand Jiffy
color A: Taupe Mist
color B: Slate
color C: Caffe'
color D: Oat
Size 15 US needles (recommend using circulars worked back and forth 32" would be best or as long as you got.
Tapestry needle
Gage 9 sts in 4 inches of garter stitch
To make the scarf:
NOTE! be sure to knit this back and forth as if on straight needles DO NOT JOIN IN THE ROUND!!!
Using color A, cast on 160 sts. work in garter stitch (knit all rows) for 4 rows
switch to color B, work 4 rows garter stitch
switch to color C, work 4 rows garter stitch
switch to color D, work 4 rows garter stitch
BO all sts loosely
Finishing -- weave in ends (the old navy one had tassels, I opted out of the tassels)
WOW! wasnt that quick, you knitted up a gift in a matter of a few hours!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Xmas Hat

This year i have decided to knit thing for gifts for many people. I decided to do this for several reasons. 1) funds are super tight around here these days. 2) the people i'm knitting for are always oooing and aaaing over things i make. 3) i have a bunch of assorted yarn in my stash that wants to be used up (lots of it just one or partial skeins). 4) i have knit so much for me, why not share my talents with close friends and family?? I picked out this pattern Felicity by Wanett Clyde, hat looked fun and simple, and i had just barely enough of the recommended yarn to make hat in this blue. Who am i going to gift it to? I don't know yet, honestly, i don't, i'm thinking about making up a bunch then deciding. Click on title to see this on Ravelry. I dont want to post pics here, dont want to ruin the surprise......

Monday, November 3, 2008

Raspberry Zinger

This scarf was knit using Lion Brand Suede. I found these two colors on clearance at Joann's. I have always loved this yarn. I have a deep purple and a sage green in my stash. I have tried knitting a few things with it and well.... let's just say FROGGED!!! I knew i wanted to make something with this yarn I found and an incredibly low price, and I was limited due to the yardage of only two skeins. So a scarf it is!!! This is knit in a checkerboard pattern as well as varied stripes. I have designed a hole for one end of the scarf to pas through. I did this for several purposes. To keep scarf in place while wearing, no need to wrap it around therefore less yarn needed and a quicker project, and lastly as my friend called it... "High Fashion". This pattern comes with written directions as well as a chart. Very quick to knit up, and will make a great gift! Let me know how your Raspberry Zinger turns out! This scarf pattern is for sale at my Ravelry store

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sexy Dress

I had this project done a while back, but finally wore it for Halloween. I just threw and outfit together at the last minute while i was working. Got the black beret out, the "hooker boots", a few other details and off I went. Nothing too exciting, just trick-or-treating with some friends and our kiddos. This is a pattern from Knit1 magazine. Don't remember which issue but designer is Loren Cherensky. Pattern name is Jumper. I used Lion Brand homespun and altered the pattern to it knit in the round, and believe it or not i also added a few inches to the length. If i were to do it again I'd add even more, but for a French Whore, I think it works good.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Victoria's Secret

***EDIT**** this item will be frogged and started again, not in the round, the seed stitch seems to be twisting as i go up, and i'm finding it very annoying, so back and forth we go. I get those Victoria's Secret catalogs in the mail. I almost NEVER buy any thing, but they keep sending them out. That's OK, I love to look. The most recent one had a sweater in it i just fell in love with!!! It was only $40, sure i could buy it, but I'd rather have the challenge of making it! Looks simple enough. Some seed stitch and then ribbing. Add on turtleneck and then sleeves... whoa-la!! I have never made a design off of a picture. So this will be a fun experience. This is the photo of the sweater in the catalog.

Cute huh?! With me living in the desert (Arizona) nothing super warm is needed. So I really love the sleeves. I choose to use Joann Sensations Kashmir 100% wool for the project. It is yarn i found on clearance and had been in my stash for a while waiting to be used. (that will be a different entry). It is in pink. I did my swatch and checked gage. Decided to use size 7 needles and knit in the round. This is as far as i have gotten so far.

I am currently working on a project to submit to and deadline is approaching quickly, so that has top priority. Cant tell you about that one (its a secret) shhhh....