Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mary Lou

This is a lap blanket designed for my Grandmother. My mom approached me and said that my grandmother would really like a lap blanket that I made for her. She is in a wheelchair most of the day and has a blanket over her lap often. Her birthday was approaching and my mother already had plans to fly out to visit. I was on a time schedule to design and finish the blanket for her 83rd birthday. So I wanted to make sure to use a larger gage and a simple pattern for a quick knit. I also chose to use acrylic because she lives at a nursing home. I wanted to make sure it was easy care to machine wash and dry. The bright colors I chose were for her cheery personality. I submitted to to Knitty for their summer 2009 issue, but it didnt make the cut. The pattern is for sale is for sale at my Ravelry Store for $4.00. Here is the link....

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