Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sexy Dress

I had this project done a while back, but finally wore it for Halloween. I just threw and outfit together at the last minute while i was working. Got the black beret out, the "hooker boots", a few other details and off I went. Nothing too exciting, just trick-or-treating with some friends and our kiddos. This is a pattern from Knit1 magazine. Don't remember which issue but designer is Loren Cherensky. Pattern name is Jumper. I used Lion Brand homespun and altered the pattern to it knit in the round, and believe it or not i also added a few inches to the length. If i were to do it again I'd add even more, but for a French Whore, I think it works good.


  1. Please Please lady cover up! LOL Get a grip!
    LOL dress may be sexy on someone - clearly it is not U!

  2. People have different opinions and I happen to like the dress and the color on her.
    You get a grip.