Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Old Navy Inspired Scarf

I met up with a friend yesterday for lunch. I had many errands to do before hand so I was at the restaurant a lot early (about an hour). So I packed my baby up in the stroller and went for a walk over to Hobby Lobby. Yarn browsing of course! On the way we passed Old Navy, so we went in and looked around, hoping to find some pants on clearance for my kiddos, no such luck with that. I did come across a scarf I liked $17.00. WHAT! I know I'm so cheap, but it was just a plain garter stitch scarf, knit loosely in 4 different colors. How difficult can that be? So I decided ill make one instead. As you all know I'm knitting gifts for Christmas, this will be perfect. At Hobby Lobby, I picked up some Lion Brand Jiffy, 5 coordinating skeins. That way I can make a variety of scarves and no to will be exactly the same. I spent $15 on the yarn and can make o maybe 5 scarves with that! And I completed it in one evening! HA, got ya Old Navy. So here it is................
the Old Navy Inspired Scarf!
What you need:
less than one skein (very little actually) of 4 different colors of bulky yarn
I used Lion Brand Jiffy
color A: Taupe Mist
color B: Slate
color C: Caffe'
color D: Oat
Size 15 US needles (recommend using circulars worked back and forth 32" would be best or as long as you got.
Tapestry needle
Gage 9 sts in 4 inches of garter stitch
To make the scarf:
NOTE! be sure to knit this back and forth as if on straight needles DO NOT JOIN IN THE ROUND!!!
Using color A, cast on 160 sts. work in garter stitch (knit all rows) for 4 rows
switch to color B, work 4 rows garter stitch
switch to color C, work 4 rows garter stitch
switch to color D, work 4 rows garter stitch
BO all sts loosely
Finishing -- weave in ends (the old navy one had tassels, I opted out of the tassels)
WOW! wasnt that quick, you knitted up a gift in a matter of a few hours!


  1. That is so cool. Sounds like me, too. Great bargain; and thanks for sharing the pattern with us all. :)

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  3. what's wrong with YOU anon...failed 3rd grade math? old navy scarf-$17.....yarn-$15...yield-5 scarfs @ $3.00 each!!! pretty smart move. that leaves you as the idiot.

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  5. I never post comments on people's blogs but the comment above annoyed me to no end. I am sorry that someone felt compeled to show just how intelligent they reall are.
    PS your scarf is very nice and yes a true cost effective item

  6. are teenagers posting comments in this blog?? how offensive the remarks are...too bad they have to spoil your great pattern by being insensitive, selfish and childish...i will be less inclined to look at this site. sorry.

  7. Julie posted a great pattern,cost effective as Holly & BJ pointed out,and was gracious enough to share. Whoever the nasty mouth is should be ignored or we're just encouraging him/her to continue this unwanted & unwarranted attack. Keep checking out the site-Julie is well worth the visit.

  8. I love the pattern and plan on making it. Rudeness doesn't belong anywhere, no matter how uneducated you are!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. who in the world said those horrid things!!???

  10. I did and I'm really sorry. I have anger manedgment problems and my super-hot-SUPER-SEXY-SEXY-SEXY-boyfriend-who-had-SEX-with-me-the-night-before broke up with me that morning and I was on a rampage. sry!! (P.S. him and I are back together! <3!!)SEXUAL SEX!!!!!! HAVE SEX PEOPLE!!! MAKE OUT!!! BE A SEX MACHINE!!!!!!

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  13. so ummm, let's get back to the pattern, and avoid the unnecessary human rudeness... clearly whoever felt like posting rude comments needs attention, but i can't give it... i am too busy googling over this great money saving pattern. i think people are often overwhelmed by the economy, and the "need" for things that look cool... here, with this pattern you get both. and as a frugal mother of three, i am thankful. i plan on making homemade soap and washcloths as christmas gifts this year, but i have discovered that these scarves may be more appropriate for some on my gift list... so i am going to give it a try. and again, thanks... by the way, let me encourage the poster of this blog, not all people are rude, and really, i wish there was some way i could erase the comments that are staining your wonderful pattern... don't give up, and DON'T stop posting!

  14. i am really disapointed at what you said. i am a christan, and i do not beleive in that.

  15. it's just a scarf you people who shop old navy
    belong there. because you can not afford
    do to shop where people have more class.

  16. Please no cursing on my Blog, isn't that a bit rude and not to mention IDIOTIC? Can you come up with anything more interesting to say. If you like the scarf or not, thats fine, but be a little tastful PLEASE!

  17. Thanks again for your post. I am new at blogging also but my brother in law gave me some tips as far as the comments are concerned. There is a way to moniter the ones that actually get posted on your blog (public).
    When you sign in, go to your settings for the blog. There is a tab at the top called, comments. There is a whole list of options on mederating the comments that you can choose from. On my blog, I have it set that the comment is sent to my email first and then I decide whether to post it or not for everyone to see. I hope this helps... Maybe you've already been advised what to do.

  18. Thank you for your post. I was wondering if you knew that you could moderate the comments that are posted on your blog.
    When you sign in to your blog account, go to your settings. At the top of the page, there is a tab called "Comment" and after clicking on that tab, a bunch of options pop up that you can choose from to moderate the comments posted on your blog. I have a blog also with blogspot and I have any comments written sent to my email first, then I decide whether or not the comment gets published. I hope this helps. Maybe someone else helped you already. I agree with you that comments need to be tasteful not rude, and especially not vulgar!

  19. such a cute scarf! thanks for the pattern =)